Do you think you know what ingredients make the best burger?

Now’s your chance to bring your dream burger to life!

Head to our Facebook Page, find a ‘Build a Burger’ post, and list your dream ingredients in the comments section below.
Put on your Masterchef hat and choose your type of bun, does it have cheese or no cheese, is there a meat patty or are you siding with the vegans. Is there lettuce or coleslaw, egg, beetroot, pineapple??? And what mayo or sauce will give your burger that little extra ‘somethin, somethin to make your burger better than all the rest!

Don’t forget to name your creation, the name is just as important as the ingredients. Have you designed a Egg-cellent Whopper, or a ‘Holy-Gaucomole’ Burger…? Let your creative juices flow!

At the end of February we will select one winning burger, who’s creation will feature on our March Specials, while you and 3 mates will also be invited to dine at Roar Bar and Grill for a celebratory feed of your delicious creation with fries and a drink. 

Winner announced 28th February 2020 via Social Media.

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